Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 Family Highlights

1. We moved to Niceville, Florida in August! It really is a nice, small town!

2. After 10 years of active duty service, Chris separated from the Air Force in September.

3. He is now a defense contractor for Eglin AFB using his engineering ninja tricks.

4. He is still in the Air Force as a Reservist, working as a historian.

5. We are still homeschooling with Classical Conversations and loving it!

6. Eliana (10), Evangeline (8), and Anastasia (6) have enjoyed a year of piano lessons, ballet classes, and lots of swimming in our new pool! Eliana also got to go to a week-long youth camp this summer.

7. Hosea (4) is still nonverbal but now has a communication device with which he is making excellent progress! He used it to say "I love you" for the first time in August, which he followed with a kiss!

8. Avelina (2) has the cheesiest grins and gives some of the best cuddles! She brightens each and every day.

9. Hosea and Avelina were accepted into a research study in Pennsylvania earlier this year to sequence their entire genomes. We still await the results but are excited and so grateful for this shot at an answer.

10.We live 15 minutes from the beaches of Destin! Come visit us sometime!

Merry Christmas!

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