Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Letter to Hosea

My precious baby boy,

As I again find myself captivated by your tiny body in my arms I am struck once more by God's goodness to me. I am a mother--a mother!--and you, a priceless treasure, are my son. I cannot look upon you without feeling blessed to be in this moment, and, at the same time, I almost feel as if I can see the future. I am living tomorrow's memory.

I pray that someday these tiny lips of yours will sing God's praises.
But today they are puckered so sweetly in sleep.

I pray that your cheeks will one day know the roughness of stubble, as you grow and mature in body and in spirit.
But today their softness begs to be caressed.

I pray that your mind will be stretched by amazing truths concerning our Lord Jesus Christ and His creation.
But your sucking right now reveals that, for now, your mind is mostly concerned with dreaming of your next meal!

I pray that your eyes will one day behold a God-fearing woman joyously walking down the aisle to be your bride.
But today, you only have eyes for me.

I pray that your strong arms will one day hold my grandchildren.
But today your arms are rolling with baby fat.

I pray that your hands will build up, restore, strengthen and encourage all with which they work.
But today your tiny fingers are wrapped around my thumb.

I pray that your grown legs will support you well as you labor in this life.
But today your legs only kick in the cutest bicycle-pedaling sort of way.

I pray that your feet will know the toughness that comes with good use, as you follow where God leads.
But today I find these little feet and toes to be the most kissable things ever!

I pray that you will one day be a strong, God-honoring leader for your family, that our Lord would be pleased to use you to pass on the light of the Gospel to the next generation.
But you are my baby.

And today is a blessing.

With everlasting love,
Your blessed mother