Monday, December 10, 2007

Welcome Home, Justin!

Just over a week ago we had the pleasure of welcoming home a good friend that had been deployed in Afghanistan for the last 6 months. We were all very excited about your return, J, and we give thanks to God for preserving you through this time. It's good to have you back!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Eliana's First Ballet

Eliana and I attended a performance of The Nutcracker ballet last weekend. It was Eliana's first time attending any such kind of performance. I was rather nervous as to how she would behave and if she would even enjoy it, especially since she scares easily. I was fearful that the Rat King's entrance in the first act would mark the end for us, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Leading up to the performance Eliana was very excited, and I did my best to prepare her. She watched the beginning of the ballet with wonder and excitment. I said another prayer when the Rat King entered, but Eliana just watched with amazement. We whispered a little back and forth about the events taking place on stage, and I could tell that she was really caught up with it.

During intermission, she insisted several times that we return to our seats, so as not to miss a second of the ballet. When the second act began, Eliana started to look for the Nutcracker and the Rat King. Though the Nutcracker was sitting, I explained to her that the Rat King was gone and would not return, but this was obviously a great disappointment to her! She would say, "Well...he will come out in a minute." This happened many times throughout the second act. Thankfully, she seemed to enjoy many of the other dances, even though they failed to include a giant, terrorizing rat being put in his place.

I am so ecstatic to have been able to successfully share this with my young daughter. A week later, the Rat King still seems to have had the biggest lasting impact. I'm just so glad it was a positive one! Events like this remind me of similar outings with my mother. I love getting to pass this on and make new special memories with my daughter.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Our Elf Family

I know lots of these have been flying around lately, but here's our family's elfamorphosis:

I had way too much fun using unbecoming pictures of Chris (and even one of Evangeline crying). "Angry Elf" really took the cake though, and is featured in the above clip, so enjoy!