Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2013 Family Highlights

1.) We spent over 5 months in Tampa, FL, due to Chris’s state-side deployment to USCENTCOM headquarters to work as a historian.

2.) Jennifer has stopped teaching childbirth classes and attending births. She's putting all of that energy into investigating diseases and finding research studies across the country that will hopefully lead to a diagnosis for Hosea and Avelina, who seem to share the same unknown syndrome.

3.) As the oldest child, Eliana (9) is a big helper. She is learning to cook and to bake, and we are all enjoying the fruits of her labors.

4.) Evangeline (7) is a passionate girl with a song in her heart. She has just started taking piano lessons.

5.) Don't let her shy, sweet exterior fool you. Anastasia (5) has a touch of crazy in her, and we have pictures to prove it.

6.) Guess who is walking? Hosea (3) really took off with his feet in October. He is walking farther and faster with each passing week!

7.) Avelina (14 months) is rolling over and finally seems to be on a good eating streak. We are incredibly relieved to have narrowly avoided a feeding tube. Her laughter is just the most adorable thing ever.

8.) We are still homeschooling (with Classical Conversations). It is challenging, especially with so many appointments to juggle, but it is also an incredible blessing for all of us.

9.) This is most likely our final Christmas in Ohio. Chris is expecting a change of station next fall. To where will we move? I don't know! I suppose it would ruin the surprise if they told us much in advance!

10.) We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!